19 November 2014 ~ Comments Off on New Research Study – Kids, Parents, Toys & Gender…

New Research Study – Kids, Parents, Toys & Gender…

 New Research Study – Kids, Parents, Toys & Gender…

In the last few years we’ve seen an upsurge in negative PR/social media regarding the gender stereotyping seemingly inherent in the toy industry.

Having conducted hundreds and hundreds of research discussion groups with children and parents over the last 16 years, our suspicion/belief was that actually while there may be a minority of people who strongly object to gender stereotyping/labelling in toys, that actually the majority of kids and parents are not offended and in fact many positively embrace gender stereotyping.

But we wanted to do a study to check whether social change had swept across the majority of consumers (at least in the UK where we conducted this project). Therefore we conducted a self funded study of significant scope to test and either validate or disprove our preconceptions based on past research studies.

You can read the research report below.


In a sense this study marks a departure from our normal work. More commonly we test products/content/concepts for toy companies, game companies and kids entertainment content companies (especially animated kids TV audience testing).
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