We work with toy companies around the world of all sizes and shapes to help them grow their businesses. We’ve worked with more than 100 toy and games companies in this way to help them identify growth opportunities and to build both their revenues and their asset value. We work with companies who are successful in one market but need to increase export sales, we work with toy & game factories and we work with start up companies on the toy business.

  • Can we help your business?

  • Are you stuck and not sure what next steps to take to grow?

  • Do you need to take a more strategic approach to growing your business and brands?

  • Do you need help to sell more of your products?

  • Do you need help to get in front of more distributors across the world?

  • Do you need help to get more meetings with potential distribution customers at toy trade shows?

  • Do you want us to show you how to build your company into a highly saleable business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the solutions you need – just watch this video on How To Grow A Small To Mid Sized Toy Company, or flick past that to the details outlined below the video:



The Toy Co Growth Booster Program is our proven and highly valued service whereby we work intensively with you and your team to deliver high impact in a short time.

We offer 3 levels of service for the Toy Co Growth Booster Program

Silver package

The Silver package includes:

  • Toy Co Growth Booster Program kick off call
  • Detailed Q&A sessions between us and your team
  • Growth strategy report including distribution plan and gap analysis highlighting key areas of opportunity for your business
  • Recommendations of key distributors to speak to in each core market
  • Advice on product lines, product development process and sales materials
  • Access to our database of 4,700 toy companies

Gold Package

The Gold package includes all the items from the Silver package, plus:

  • Strategic brand plan analysis & presentation
  • Review on our own highly SEO ranked Toy review site
  • Hands on sales support and solicitation to make introductions and initial sales pitches to distributors around the world
  • Quick consumer playtesting session with 1 Focus group to review your products and make topline recommendations (please note this is a very quick dip, not a deep dive – see Platinum for deep dive Consumer research playtesting)

Platinum package

  • Promotion of your company and products to our social media following and email subscribers reaching more than 13,000 people in the toy business
  • Featured article on our industry Blog site
  • Deep dive Consumer research playtesting – 4 Focus groups, with in depth presentation of findings
  • Face to face sales meetings on your behalf at key toy trade shows
  • Introductions to key toy trade press contacts around the world


We have limited capacity for this program due to the intensive and focused nature of the way we work, we can run no more than 3 projects at any one time, and especially around toy trade show season (December to February) we are often fully booked. Please get in touch as early as you can to ensure our availability.


  • The Platinum package costs £12,000 (British pounds) plus VAT where applicable and takes 3 months to deliver.
  • The Gold package costs £8,000 (British pounds) plus VAT where applicable and takes 2 months to deliver.
  • The Silver package costs £4,000 (British pounds) plus VAT where applicable and takes 1 month to deliver.

Please note, for all new clients we work on an advance payment for each month ahead of beginning work. For existing clients where we have established working and payment relationship and history we can offer more flexibility.


We have run the Toy Co Growth Booster Program process more than 100 times so far. During these projects we have helped toy companies set up new distribution into most major markets around the world, including: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, China, Benelux, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East and more. We have also helped companies in a multitude of other ways along the way, from originating brand names for key new launches through to helping toy companies recruit staff to support growth plans, find factories, build marketing plans and more. Over time we have delivered in excess of $150m of toy and game sales, and 2 brand portfolios we managed sold for in excess of $130m.


This service is designed for toy and games companies or factories who have already established themselves to some degree in the market, but perhaps need help to grow internationally or who need assistance to ramp up and grow to the next level. These companies can typically be from $100k to $30m in size, but the processes, methodologies and deal making facilitation can and have been used for start ups through to $20bn companies. If you are a start up though you should consider whether you have sufficient funding to take on our services and the associated costs alongside all the fundamentals of your business. This service also works for toy factories wanting to move from OEM contract manufacturing to building their own brands and distribution.


When we take on a new Consultancy project we commit to delivering fair value for our clients. Sometimes the market is tough, or their product is a hard sell for various reasons. In these circumstances we go out of our way to ensure we have helped our client achieve the best possible results. Sometimes due to the difficulties facing our client’s business we have offered free advice or sales introductions a long time after our working together. Clearly we can’t work for our clients at no cost forever, but we do commit to deliver all the value we can both during the Consultancy project and after if needed to ensure our impact is positive and offers value for the client.


If you’re interested in working with us on the Toy Co Growth Booster Program, please get in touch via the Contact page of this website, or alternatively for more information, please fill in your email details below & we will send you more information by email for your consideration. Just to reiterate though, we do get oversubscribed for this program, so please get in touch as early as you can to ensure we have availability for when you need us.