KBI Launches Toy Co Growth Booster Program

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Kids Brand Insight are delighted to announce the launch of their new Consultancy service packages under the Toy Co Growth Booster Program.

The program will see Kids Brand Insight offer a range of effective Consultancy services to facilitate the growth of small to medium sized companies.

Elements covered in the service include: company strategy, distribution plans and execution, introductions to key distributors around the world, input and insights on products in development and product development processes, consumer insight playtesting and more.

Kids Brand Insight CEO Steve Reece said of the program:

“We’re delighted to offer this Consultancy service to toy and games companies around the world. While the package is a new offering, in effect it is the continuation of the work we have been doing with toy and game companies from the U.S.A. to India, China and beyond since we started our business nearly a decade ago.

This is not an ivory towers abstract strategic process though, having set up & run new toy businesses across multiple markets and product categories ourselves, we take a hard edged practical approach to delivering strategy that works while facilitating commercial advancement.”

For more information on the Consultancy service, or to sign up, just click here:


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