We offer the following services:

  • Toy Co Growth Booster – this is our packaged up Consultancy service focused on helping toy and games companies grow. Over the course of 1-3 months we help you to put in place growth strategies to double or triple your company revenues over a 5 year period. We also help you identify key gaps in your contact networks or capabilities and then help you take practical steps to fill those gaps via introductions, recommendations and hands on sales efforts on your behalf to help you ramp up and truly kickstart your business. We run this service for toy & game companies, but also for toy & game factories, For more info on the Toy Co Growth Booster program, or to sign up, just click here:
  • Toy Expert Business Consultancy – we help people get ahead in the toy industry. Whether you need help on strategy, brands, sourcing or pretty much anything else we can help! Our advantage is our huge level of commercial, brand and product development experience at the sharp end in toy companies. While we’re based in the UK, we work with clients seeking Toy Expert Consultancy around the world. Recent projects include advising a major FMCG company on a toy promotion, helping a robotics toy company come to market, market research analysis and reports for a major company etc.
  • Toy Expert Consultancy Calls – We conduct a limited number of fixed cost Consultancy calls each month. These are normally booked in advance, and we have to limit the number of calls we can take due to the pressures of our Consultancy project workload. During the calls we can offer our thoughts and feedback on all aspects of the toy business from how to bring a new game to market, to manufacturing through to feedback on your board games board games ideas. We can also give you some additional contacts of key people across the toy business from distributors to factories to product developers. We conduct these Consultancy calls with both toy & game  companies and also with factories. Please note these calls normally last for 60-90 minutes, which is reflected in the costs. If you want us to review and sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we can do, but we have to charge double the price to cover the time taken to review, amend and sign.

    COST: Our Toy & Game Business Consultancy calls cost £400 GBP or $500 USD, including reviewing & signing NDA = £600 GBP or $800 USD.

  • Sourcing Consultancy – we are acknowledged among the leading toy sourcing experts globally. Our clients include $20bn sourcing groups, $billion toy companies through to hundreds of small to medium sized toy companies around the world. We work with leading toy vendors in China, India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe & other locations. We have particular expertise in high end leading toy factories in India and help toy companies around the world find the right vendors in India. To date we have saved customers over $4m USD via our toy factory finding service in India. For more information, check out our Indian toy manufacturing website: 
  • Toy Factories moving from OEM to ODM – we work with factories in China who are seeking to step up from OEM/contract manufacturing for other people to becoming toy brands themselves. We help them to understand what is required, to develop the right products for the market and we help them to sell the products to distributors around the world. For more information: 
  • Access The Global Toy Business – we run bespoke trade marketing campaigns across our network of toy and game business Blogs, our toy and game business Podcast and across our social media channels. If you want to reach more than 15,000 people across the international toy business, we can help.

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Here’s a Webinar we recently held for a select group of our clients, looking at Toy Sourcing and how it is heading for a big change from the way things have been done. The presentation also includes details on how we work with toy companies & factories on an expert Consultancy basis: