Toy Business Consultancy Calls

Toy Business Consultancy Calls

Our consultancy calls offer a unique opportunity to get advice, feedback, information and introductions to key contacts across the toy business.

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  • Need advice on how to get something down in the toy business?
  • Are you a start up needing quick & affordable advice on how to progress your new toy business?
  • Do you need information or insights on how the toy business works?
  • Do you need help connecting with key people in the toy business? From factories to freelancers we can help!
  • Do you want expert feedback on your toy or game ahead of investing and getting going?

We cover all of this (and more!) on our Toy Business Consultancy Calls.



Kids Brand Insight was founded in 2011 by Steve Reece, a 20+ year veteran of the toy business. Steve previously worked for Hasbro & in other roles across the toy business. Brands he was worked with & for include Star Wars, Disney, Transformers, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Rubiks Cube and many more. Steve lead 2 successful business start ups in the toy business, hitting $multi-million revenues with both.

Kids Brand Insight have helped more than 100 toy companies to increase their sales, reduce costs and get ahead in the toy business. Our Toy Business Consultancy calls are the most accessible way to get Consultancy advice, insights and help for your business.



This service is designed for any company wanting advice from a highly experienced Consultancy team. We have conducted these calls with all types and sizes of companies across the world – from inventors and start ups through to $20 billion FMCG companies and private equity firms. Geographically speaking, we have consulted with companies from across North America, Europe, Asia (including India, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and more) and Oceania.



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The Toy Business Consultancy Call can take any form you like. This is a flexible format. Calls typically take 90-120 minutes. We will endeavour to answer any questions you have.



When we agree to do a Toy Business Consultancy Call, we want to answer your questions to the best degree that we can. If we can’t give you an answer on the call, we will do our best to find out the information you need and follow up after the call. Needless to say this is not an ongoing commitment to give you feedback on everything for ever more, but we will do our best to ensure that the call answers the questions you have, and we will also proactively suggest other areas you need to consider.



Our Toy Business Consultancy Call service costs £400 (BRITISH POUNDS). If you need us to review & sign NDAs (non disclosure agreement) or other legal documents, then we request that you book 2 calls to cover the extra time required for us to review your legal document.

To put the cost in context, manufacturing minimum orders are typically around 3000 to 5000 units of your product. With an average manufacturing cost of $3 USD, that means your absolute minimum investment will be $9,000 USD. Isn’t it worth making sure a). you aren’t wasting that money b). that there aren’t some obvious tweaks which you can make to your product to massively increase your chance of success c). that a well connected team of toy business veterans can’t at the very least make some suggestions to save you money on manufacturing/tooling?




If you have any queries about our Toy Business Consultancy Service, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page of this website.



Our flagship Toy Business Consultancy service is our Toy Co Growth Booster program. This is more expensive, and much more involved with us helping you over a month or a few months depending on your goal. For more information on this:



If you are not ready to book a call yet, we would like to introduce you to some of our toy & game business content resources. These resources are free to access, and offer the chance to sign up for our free e-newsletter which normally goes out once per week, features our musings on the toy business and shares links to the latest articles and podcast episodes we have released:

TOY INDUSTRY JOURNAL – this is our flagship Blog site featuring analysis of what’s going on in the toy business, insights on different product categories, companies and general insights on the toy business.

PLAYING AT BUSINESS podcast – this is our toy & game business podcast, in which we offer a combination of our own thoughts, analysis & insights on the global toy & games business, as well as interviewing interesting people from across the industry.

BOARD GAME BIZ – our Blog site sharing news and insights specifically about the board games business.


The following sites are our business websites, showcasing the services of each of our toy & game business consulting services:

KIDS BRAND INSIGHT – This is our main company website (you’re already on it!).

TOY TEAM INDIA – Since 2014 we have been helping toy companies find cost effective, fully compliant factories in India. If you’d like to get manufacturing quotes out of India, just click the link & get in touch! Our company played some part in introducing 5/10 of the world’s biggest toy companies to toy manufacturing in India. Our clients tend to achieve 5-10% cost savings via our factory partners. To date we have saved clients more than $10m on their manufacturing spend.

TOY TEAM ASIA – as some toy manufacturing moves out of China, many toy factories in China are seeking to step up the value chain – from OEM to building their own toy brands. We advise these companies on how to achieve success with this approach.



Why not book a Toy Business Consultancy Call today? After every one of these calls we have conducted the client has thanked us, often profusely, for the help of the call. Book now:



Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of the people we have worked with had to say:

“The Insight gained from working with Steve has been extremely valuable to us. Steve took care to understand our objectives and to ensure that he delivered above and beyond our expectation.” Ben Harper, Magic Box International

“I worked with Steve over a few years at Hasbro and was always impressed by his strategic thinking & insight.” Philippa Snellgrove, Global Consumer Insights Director, Hasbro

“I have worked with Steve Reece and the team on several complex and challenging consumer testing projects. For each project, Steve has worked to extremely tight timescales, yet despite many conspiring variables, has always delivered an extensive piece of research; meeting all of the key objectives along the way. Each piece of work has fed directly into the project decision process. We have benefitted from a variety of successes and gained many valuable insights as a result of working with Steve and his team.” Paul Chandler, Senior Marketing Manager, Hornby Hobbies

“Its been great to work with Steve and Kids Brand Insight on several key properties. Steve brings a combined understanding of the kids market and the specificities of toy retailers and much more. He has been able to support fine tuning within our positioning both based on the DNA of characters and retail potential. We consider that Steve’s work has been incremental in our ability to make the right decision.” Philippe Soutter, President, PGS Entertainment

“Steve was excellent – very good general knowledge as well as specific regional and product knowledge.” Managing Director of leading Investment company (managing assets/funds worth many $billions )

“Steve is a creative toy professional, a thoughtful and open-minded strategist and an excellent writer with great ideas – it was a real pleasure meeting him and working with him.” Michael Hubl, Marketing Manager, Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg) Toy Fair