Toy & Game Brand & Product Management Service

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A few months back we started offering our new service – outsourced brand and product management for toy companies. The idea behind this was the need for toy companies to run marketing projects and to have on hand marketing support at varying levels in uncertain times when it can become harder to justify permanent employed resource.

The kind of projects we work on with our toy & game company clients as part of our overall toy consultancy work include:

Strategic marketing & marketing campaign planning – we help toy & game companies plan for succesful marketing focusing on maximum sales & brand building impact.

Brand building – we help toy & game companies turn products into brands, and where required help them sell or acquire brands.

Marketing execution i.e. managing agencies, managing content production, media buying etc.

Social Media Marketing – strategy & execution

Product development & Product management – leading product development process, leading/managing creatives, engineers, factories etc.

Licensing – pitching for rights, contract negotiations and licensor management.

Export Sales – we help toy & game companies grow their international distribution. It takes time to build, but normally we can find some untapped opportunity due to our extensive experience and contact networks globally.

HOW WE WORK – We work on a Consultancy retainer basis with our clients on a flexible working term. We work mostly remotely, but can attend meetings/visit the office on a regular basis depending on location. We are based in the UK, so a day trip to Hong Kong is not realistic, but we have worked successfully with companies all around the world on a remote basis. We offer different levels of service, the more we need to travel to be in your offices, the higher the package required.

OUR CREDENTIALS – we have worked broadly across the toy industry. Our CEO Steve Reece leads each project, although some work may be conducted by our team, Steve always remains the key point of contact for clients. Steve is a 20 year toy & game industry veteran. He has worked on huge industry leading brands, worked with the biggest licensors in toys and delivered $hundreds of millions of revenue over time for past employers and clients. Equally, Steve & our team are quite happy to roll up our sleeves & do what it takes to deliver your project, so if we need to visit a dusty warehouse and stick labels on products in emergency circumstances etc. we will!

COSTS OF WORKING WITH US – we work on a monthly fee basis. There are 3 levels of our working Silver, Gold & Platinum (very unimaginatively named!). Each of these levels has a monhtly cost of around the same as you would pay an Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager & Senior Brand Manager. Due to our long experience we find we can do more in less time versus less experienced junior marketers, and as such we can work with 3 or 4 companies at any one time & deliver the quality, committment and results which both we and you would expect.

So, if you need hands on help at any level, we’re happy to help with our Brand & Product management service for toy & game companies.

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