Toy Sourcing

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Toy & Board Game Sourcing

We help clients protect against supply chain risk, reduce manufacturing cost expenditure and reduce the stress/workload of finding new toy factories and board game factories.

We work with upwards of 60 leading toy, games and related product factories in China, Vietnam, North America, North Africa, Europe and beyond. We have a limited number of strategic partners in each product category to allow us to gain a deeper understanding of each factory – their processes, their competences and their customer service.

We conduct due diligence on all factories we add onto our approved list. We have a checklist we run through with each and every new vendor using hidden resources, proprietary techniques and our extensive toy and game industry contacts.

CASE STUDY 1 – A US based company had grown exponentially, and were slowly catching up on processes, sourcing and due diligence to match their rate of topline sales growth. The company was spending over $10m on manufacturing, but without enough assurance that they were a). sourcing from safe, ethical and reliable sources and b). that they were getting cost effective manufacturing. Our long term strategic partners in the category they operated in were able to pass all the necessary audits, greatly streamline and improve customer service thus reducing stress and workload for the client…AND they saved 17% on their manufacturing spend in the process! That’s nearly $2m savings just by working directly with one of our partner vendors!

CASE STUDY 2 – A European client was looking to enter a new product category which they did not fully understand, and for which they did not have all the necessary in house engineering expertise required to successfully manage the project/deliver the product. By introducing them to several of our preferred vendors they were able to select a supplier with cutting edge in house product design and engineering capability, as well as very competitive manufacturing.

CASE STUDY 3 – A leading client company was badly let down by an existing supplier, and needed an urgent solution. We matched them up with a leading toy manufacturer in China and they were able to fulfil demand without incurring any retail fines or losing any sales.


  • Action figures.
  • Preschool toys.
  • Electronic toys.
  • Board games.
  • Puzzles.
  • Electronic learning.
  • Kids tablets.
  • Plush/soft toys.
  • Dolls.
  • Collectibles.
  • Card games.
  • Electronic games.
  • Toy vehicles.
  • Die cast toys.
  • Radio control toys.
  • Outdoor toys.
  • Wooden toys.
  • Inflatable toys.
  • And more…


Q: How do I know I can trust factories introduced by Kids Brand Insight?

A: Let’s be clear on the limits of what we offer – we are not offering you a 100% risk free, 100% always will work solution to toy manufacturing/toy factory finding, because things can and do go wrong sometimes. What we offer is the opportunity to reduce the risk of things going wrong. We have a clearly defined process of factory selection which we have developed over time which looks at audit certification, existing client base, industry approval/quality marks, track record, QA record etc. This does not mean you can skip any due diligence – we do not warranty/guarantee against the factories we find, the onus is on you to follow your own due diligence, but what we do for you is to reduce the leg work considerably. If a factory is on our list, it’s because we have found them to be a credible reliable supplier, but you should make absolutely sure, as in the end the buck inevitably has to stop with you.

Q: How much will this service cost me?

A: We are compensated for our services via the factories themselves. We have several methods/formulas for getting paid ourselves, but all of them are paid directly to us by the factory.

Q: So does that mean that I will be paying over inflated manufacturing prices?

A: No. Our expertise in sourcing and the volume/nature of our business allows us to get you highly competitive quotes. But we understand some clients will be sceptical about this, so the bottom line is this – if you can get the same level of security of supply, quality, service and capability at a lower cost then why wouldn’t you proceed? The reality for many of our clients is that we deliver on all criteria, reduce stress/workload and often cost.

Q: How do I submit a product for quotes/submit a request for factory finding?

A: Drop us a line, including details of the product, manufacturing specs if you have them, forecast volumes, target costs and any other pertinent details, and we’ll go from there. Click here to email us

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